Faded Memories: Dev Log 3

Should I do something that follows my career path or that would be an interesting personal project? Should I do something creative or practical? I have several ideas for my thesis but I’m no closer to determining what I will eventually do for it. I find I don’t have the time to even think about it lately, let alone sit down and start researching and planning what I should do. I understand that the process can and, most likely, will change but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a starting point. Being let loose without any constraints makes the process seem a little hopeless because I’m used to creating things within a framework, not left to my own devices.

Maybe it is better to just choose one idea and see how it develops. However, if I do this and it doesn’t go well, do I drop the idea or do I keep with it? The three ideas I have I want to create but should I do them as personal projects or as a thesis project? I think what I should do is combine the problems and go forward with that idea. I think if I did something that was personal but will help me with my career goals it will be the best.