Faded Memories: Dev Log 6

I have my idea.

I will go with what I previously stated in other entries: the game about my grandfathers. I’ve come to refer to it as Faded Memories. The more I think about, plan, and research methods of game creation and testing, the more I am certain this is what I will do.

I’ve never viewed research as a vital component of art practice, however now that I am actually doing it, I can see why it is important. By looking into research methods or existing methodologies, you get a greater understanding of ways to go about creating and how you should create it. By researching into testing methods for my own thesis, I’ve realized that I will have to get testers to do more than just play the game for bugs, I need them to evaluate the game on an emotional level. I’ll need to find out what makes a game more engaging and find ways of making the characters identifiable with the player.

Even methods of creation, such as iterative design will come in handy. As I’ll have to be creating this faster than most games are, I’ll have to design and test hand in hand. By doing everything in tandem with each other, it should generate a better result. When combined with testing for specific engagement, instead of specifically bugs (which will just come up in testing anyway), it will give me better analytics to work with in augmenting the overall experience.

The more I think about this, the more I just want to get down to making it.