Snake Breaker

Team / Corey Dean

Role / Game Creator

Play /

Snake and Brick Breaker combined into a chaotic and frenetic game of skill!

Description / Snake + Brick Breaker = Snake Breaker!

Combining two classics games into a new frantic and chaotic nail-biter of a game. How long can you survive not biting your own tail while having to break all the bricks?

Controls /

  • Arrows to move
  • You can loop from the left and right or top and bottom of the screen
  • Collect dots to expand your snake and gain points
  • Break bricks to gain points
  • NOTE: The snake is your paddle. Use it to hit the ball and reflect it towards the bricks.

Inspiration / This game came to be as a sort of ‘what if’ idea. I was interested in seeing how classic games could be combined to create a new gaming experience. Snake and Brick Breaker seemed like two that would work well with each other so I decided to start there.

Problems / I built the game mostly using Unity’s UI components which seems to have been a bad decision but you live and learn. I also received feedback after publishing it on that was worthwhile. It was that the game wasn’t clear. It wasn’t immediately clear that the snake was to be used as the paddle so this lead to a player dying constantly until they figured it out. I should think about this in the future to make things clearer for the player.