Together We Are One

Team / Corey Dean

Role / Game Designer, Artist & Programmer

Download /

We Are Apart but…

Together We Are One

Description / Together We Are One is a game created for TO Jam 2020. The jam took place over the weekend of May 8 – 10th. The game takes you into the mind of a sperm that is trying to find it’s other half, while avoiding other sperm along the way. I designed the game knowing that I had limited resources and time, therefore I committed to making the game playable on a classic GameBoy screen with simple controls.

Controls / The goal of the game is to survive until you reach the end.

  • WASD/Arrows – Movement
  • Space – Start Game

Inspiration / The theme provided for TO Jam 2020 was ‘Together But Apart‘. My inspiration was the idea that two separate entities when brought together could be greater than the sum of themselves.

Problems / The main problem with this game is that it was done over a single weekend during free time I had. All things considered however, I finished the game I wanted to make and it turned out exactly as I expected so I can’t complain about much.