reBlink Case Study

Brief / reBlink is a augmented reality (AR) mobile experience viewable within the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO).

For / Mayhew Digital.

Role / Taken on as UI/UX Designer to help develop the vision of the app.

Have you ever wondered how the AGO’s paintings would look with a modern update? How would the portraits change? And how would the landscapes transform?


Problem / Mayhew Digital had created a concept for an augmented reality reimagining of the museum experience. They wanted to let the user see a digital remake of a selection of artwork. They needed guidance on what the best route forward for the design to give the best user experience.

Solution / The first question was to narrow down what features were necessary for the experience. We had a high level brainstorm to list possible features. We came up with more than were included in the final product.

Next, the delivery method for the user was questioned. Three methods were mocked up: install and go; install, login, download on the fly; and, install, login, download beforehand. The three methods can be seen below. I pushed for the first method as it would create the least amount of drop off for users and give them the least amount of hurdles to experience the app.

From here, I mocked up all relevant screens and presented my work. I left the project before its completion but was able to see the final product when it was released. I was glad to see that they went with my suggestion for delivery method.