Soccer-1 Case Study

Brief / Soccer-1 is a web app designed to teach users soccer techniques and start them on a workout routine.

For / Soccer Innovation Inc.

Role / Brought on as a UI/UX Designer at start to guide the project’s design development.

Generic workouts won’t do the trick for soccer players. The game puts unique demands on athletes’ bodies because it requires them to get around the pitch with the same parts of their bodies they use to play the ball.


Problem / Soccer-1 started with many desired features and a grand view of what it could be but how much was actually needed for a good user experience and what would just be extra? I had to determine the best user flow and which features were priorities.

Solution / I created multiple versions of mock-ups of the desired user flow based, initially, on the full breakdown of desired functions. Some examples can be seen below. Later on, after discussion among the team, non-essential features (for example: Community and Map) were removed and the mock-ups and user flow updated accordingly.