Time Tremors Case Study

Brief / An exploration of mixing a wearable device with a mobile app for the purposes of creating a game experience for children based on the television show Time Tremors.

For / OCAD University.

Role / Brought on as a UI/UX Designer in a research assistant capacity for the mobile app prototype.

Max and Medie, along with their online allies, find themselves in the middle of a great battle between two opposing forces as the unsuspecting guardians of the Celestial Atlas. Follow them as they unravel the many oddities of the Ranksome Academy.

Time Tremors

Problem / The immediate problem involved was how to create an experience that linked both the wearable device and the mobile app to each other. It was important to have the wearable device be a part of the experience and have a clear purpose for the app.

Solution / The wearable device allowed children to collect treasures for use in the mobile app. The user would collect a treasure after a countdown by interacting with the wearable device. My role focused on how the user interacted with the mobile app after completing tasks with the wearable device.

Once the user had collected a treasure, it was determined that they would be allowed to trade these items with other users. For this I created a trading flow and mocked up the experience for review. Additionally, I created multiple layouts for the main menu screen to indicate various functionality of the mobile app to the user.

As this was a research focused project, it was not developed beyond this prototype stage.