Uken Games UI Test Case Study

Brief / UI take home test for a position at Uken Games. I was tasked with creating a Stage Selection screen mock-up for their game Kings of Pool.

For / Uken Games.

Role / Applicant for a design position.

We’re making games that captivate and engage millions of players around the world. We’re constantly looking for creative people who are energized to work in small teams to build amazing products with us.

Uken Games

Problem / I was presented with a brief about deliverables, considerations, and where stage selection fit in the game flow. I needed to take everything given and create a clear, cohesive design for a straightforward user experience.

Solution / I started by writing out notes and sketching several possible layouts for the screen design. From here, I weighed each option and settled on a design that I felt delivered on everything expected and had the clearest user experience. Next, I created a wireframe and high-resolution mock-up for the screen.