Thesis: Process – 4

I believe I have determined what I will do for my thesis however now I have the problem of what does that mean? I have worked out that I want to do a personal project and something that I don’t feel I will have the time for outside of school (as it is probably very ambitious) so I will make a game about my grandparents and their experiences. This hits close to home and I will probably break a few times while making it but it will be worth my while.

The problem is: it’s just a game. What research and inspirations will I use to make it more meaningful? How do I explain that these things won’t just “help my project” but rather push my project and give the research context? I suppose what I’m worried about is how I make my research focus, focused. In my mind, it is focused, but perhaps that is only because it is a project that is close to my heart. Maybe since it is personal, the research I should count on will need to speak more to my personal experiences than anything else. I still need to use research that speaks to the experience of the player and the mood I want to show however.

Listing the key points in the project might help me organize my thoughts and speak to what research I need to obtain a better insight into how to make this project the best. But is that even the point? Should I make the project the best it can be or should I do the project for the sake of personal development?