Uken Games UI Test

These images show process work for a UI Test I completed in the past. This was done for a player vs player screen. The sketches were to control what was desired out of the final screen and challenge flow as well as versions towards the final interface. This screen was done for Uken Games, for their game Kings of Pool. Please download and play it!


These were functionality mock-ups for a research project done for OCAD University. I can not describe in detail what the project is about but the images layout basic functionality within the project.

The project eventually turned into reBlink, an augmented reality experience within the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO). You could see reimagined versions of famous art on your mobile device. It was really quite special!

I added a polished mock up for what the main screen could have looked like (many iterations ago), as well as 3 user flows for the process from installation to use. I believe they went for the most straightforward approach in the end (version 2).

Time Tremors

These were main screen variations for an app prototype completed with OCAD University. The user could collect and trade treasures with others. In the images you can see a basic progression of getting a treasure, selecting what you have and what you want, then seeing your active trades before and after placing one.

These were created for a possible app that used wearable technology based on the TV show Time Tremors. I’ve added a bunch of different iterations on the main menu screen below to show that the process is never figured out in one screen. (There were even more than these too!)