Marry Me! Engagement Ring Dispenser

The Marry Me! Engagement Ring Dispenser is an object from a future where polygamy is accepted and everyone has as many wives/husbands as they desire.

This was created for school using cards from The Thing From the Future as a set of prompts. This was an exercise in bringing something that could exist in the future into the present and seeing how people would react to it.

My product is for the polygamist on the go who sees the next love of their life. See that new love? Don’t despair! With Marry Me! Engagement Ring Dispenser you’ll never be at a loss for a ring to give to that special someone.

After creating it we had to get strangers to react to it, so I hit the street and got people to act in a faux commercial for me. That commercial will never see the light of day again if I can help it (as it was a wholly embarrassing experience). The strangers I got to participate seemed willing to help but the question of whether it would be widely accepted I think was avoided for reasons of it being abnormal.

Product Shots:

20140930_092854 20140930_111325 20140930_111427

In the field:

InTheField2 InTheField1

PDF Summary: Marry Me – Corey Dean

Special thanks: Timothy Martin (for recording and directing me on the whole embarrassing experience)