I used to work for a company that created a soccer training app called Soccer-1.

Below are some user flows I created for several different features within the app. They have changed over time and, as I left the company, I have no idea what it looks like now though I’m sure the app is great!

All the user flows took many different iterations and some features (not shown below) were not implemented. For instance, I’m not sure if the progress screen was ever realized.

Working for this company was a lot of fun and I’m glad I got to start with them when they started so that I could have some influence over the path the app took.

Updates to UI Posts

I had posted UI samples I have worked on in the past but I did not include everything related to them for various reasons (primarily because they had not been released yet). Now that time has passed, I will update them.

Below are the UI posts I have updated:

OCAD University Prototype (Time Tremors)

OCAD University Research (reBlink)

Uken Games UI Test

Ontario Election Analysis

Background knowledge

There are 3 major parties in Canadian elections (Liberals (Centre-left), Conservatives (Right), & New Democratic Party (Left)), with several minor parties (Green (Centre-Left), Bloc Quebecois (Centre-Left), etc.). Some are more local parties than others (ie. Bloc Quebecois does not run outside of Quebec – to my knowledge). In the Ontario Provincial Election, the 3 major parties were against each other with the incumbent Liberals facing against the other two. There was a vocal amount of people who did NOT want the Conservatives to win, however I felt they had a good chance because the other 2 parties were splitting the rest of the vote. This made me create this analysis to see if the Conservatives could have lost.

Elections in Ontario are settled by a first-past-the-post system. This means that the party who gets the most number of seats in the legislature wins the election. There are proposed alternatives to this system but elected officials seems unwilling to make any actual change.

End of Background Knowledge


I decided to do an analysis of the 2018 Ontario Provincial Election. I looked at each riding to see if another party could’ve won. Assuming all calculations are correct, the Conservatives would’ve won in all but 1 possible scenario.

Check it here:

If I learned anything from this, it’s that the vote was split between Liberal and New Democratic Party, causing the Conservatives to have an easy win. It would’ve taken serious strategic voting for another result. Alternatively, with proportional representation, it could have been a minority Conservative government.

Never Stop Exploding


I was walking down the street one day and saw someone wearing a The North Face shirt that said Never Stop Exploring but I misread it as Never Stop Exploding and was really confused. However, it also inspired me to make the images above, drawing inspiration from two of the most explode prone Pokémon – Voltorb and Electrode!

Maybe this would look good on a T-shirt or print?

Below is a reference image I used as a base for the concept.

Reference Image


Play Here!

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything!

And guess what, it’s a game! A game that took me way too long to make as I was completing it in 30 minute intervals while on the train to work….


It’s a math game where you roll a cube around to create the correct sequential formula to reach the target value, given an initial value. It introduces each of the four main operators (+, -, x, /) through the levels.

The idea was to make a game that people could play on their mobile, that didn’t need an internet connection, and that happened to be educational. I learned later on that it wouldn’t work too well on mobile in its current state, so if I ever work on it again, I’ll have to take a different approach to it.


Inspiration: Endorfun

I used to play this game a ton when I was a kid. No one really knows about it but I remember it came with an old computer we had at home. I liked how relaxing and challenging it was. Listening to the soundtrack now, it’s just weird! But I still like the idea of the game. It was a ton of fun.



  • Possible layout issues on desktop computers
  • Some UX issues

Most of the problems related to this project come from the fact that I began designing it as a mobile game that did not require an internet connection and then later on realized that this wouldn’t work on mobile. So please excuse any issues you may find!



WASD or Arrows to move

Pause button changes the camera angle to see the whole play field


Game Download:

iOS – Download Here

Windows – Download Here



Constellations is a story-telling project that combined efforts from OCAD University and the Athens School of Fine Arts. Teams were made of a group of OCADu students with one ASFA student.

Constellations was made to create a oral story telling experience of the Greek island of Hydra usable anywhere in the world through digital media. The original concept was to use GPS to track the users movements and allow the user to move through the physical world walking between the stories of the island. However, due to technical issues, the project was made to track the movement on the screen of the mobile device to give a virtual experience.

The user moves their finger along the screen to hear the different stories of the island of Hydra which are shown as stars in the sky. Constellations was chosen as the name because when viewing the village of Hydra from the top of a mountain at night, the buildings look like stars in the sky. Also, Hydra being a port city would have required ancient travellers to use the stars to navigate their passage safely.

To see a longer video, click HERE

If you would like to experience it, click HERE to download the APK (should work on any Android system)

Constellations and the stories within were created by: Margarita Athanasiou, Mulugeta Bisrat, Jeremy Nir, Alanna Predko and myself, Corey Dean.

Film Night

Film Night was an interactive theatre/LARP experience. It was put on for 2 nights in December of 2014 with 2 shows each night. It was the final project for the Atelier III class and took the whole class’ participation to accomplish.

Film Night was a mock film showing of the classic film, The Living Machine (inspired by Metropolis). In this showing, film enthusiasts and the like come to watch this classic movie in a theatre that is down on its luck and trying to turn around. However, during the showing, strange events occur and the audience must react to the events as they happen!

Audience members were greeted at the ticket booth before being lead into the theatre space. Once they received their ticket, they also received their role for the night – a character to get them into the mood, however they could play them to their own whim and desires. Once inside the theatre space, they were their character and took part in the experience as if it was reality.

Audience reactions were positive and generally wanted to see and experience it multiple times.

Emma Burkeitt headed the project and, in my opinion, it turned out amazing! Kudos to you Emma!

Pre-show/Set up:

IMG_7095 IMG_7125 IMG_7131


IMG_7257 IMG_7250 IMG_7597 IMG_7314 IMG_7454 IMG_7473 IMG_7602 IMG_7496

Main Cast:


Alanna Predko as the Curator


Christopher Bolton as the Theatre Owner


Jeremy Nir as Detective Crown


Timothy Martin as Professor Buffington


Emma Burkeitt as Unit-2654

Will I Pass?

20140407_090015 20140407_090020

Will I Pass? was a project done for Physical Computing class last year. The idea of the project was to create something that would be in a school setting of the future.

Originally, I was going to make an alarm of sorts that was to help you focus on projects and motivate you to work. Unfortunately, due to complications with the circuitry and parts it was not coming together. In desperation, I created this – the “Will I Pass? Machine”.

At first it was a self reflective joke. Would I pass with this project or not? Luckily, I did and everyone thought it was a good project.

You can look at a video of it HERE

Will I Pass

Sketchbook Tag

2_writeMessage 4_pasteRules&Number

Sketchbook Tag is an on-going art project.

The purpose of the project is to bring artists together and share what is important to those people. By playing a game of tag with a moving sketchbook, artists add an image in any medium they please to the book. The only stipulation is that the image must mean something personal to the artists.

It was created for two reasons: one, most artists don’t like showing their work to others so this way they can make something and pass it off; and two, to bring people who aren’t normally considered artists into the creative fold. The purpose of the project is not to have amazing artwork but rather personal artwork.

Once an artist finishes their work, they give it to another person of their choice. People can even create their own sketchbooks if they’d like by emailing the email below and receiving a number for recording. More information can be found at the Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook pages.


Tumblr / Twitter / Facebook

Marry Me! Engagement Ring Dispenser

The Marry Me! Engagement Ring Dispenser is an object from a future where polygamy is accepted and everyone has as many wives/husbands as they desire.

This was created for school using cards from The Thing From the Future as a set of prompts. This was an exercise in bringing something that could exist in the future into the present and seeing how people would react to it.

My product is for the polygamist on the go who sees the next love of their life. See that new love? Don’t despair! With Marry Me! Engagement Ring Dispenser you’ll never be at a loss for a ring to give to that special someone.

After creating it we had to get strangers to react to it, so I hit the street and got people to act in a faux commercial for me. That commercial will never see the light of day again if I can help it (as it was a wholly embarrassing experience). The strangers I got to participate seemed willing to help but the question of whether it would be widely accepted I think was avoided for reasons of it being abnormal.

Product Shots:

20140930_092854 20140930_111325 20140930_111427

In the field:

InTheField2 InTheField1

PDF Summary: Marry Me – Corey Dean

Special thanks: Timothy Martin (for recording and directing me on the whole embarrassing experience)