Constellations is a story-telling project that combined efforts from OCAD University and the Athens School of Fine Arts. Teams were made of a group of OCADu students with one ASFA student.

Constellations was made to create a oral story telling experience of the Greek island of Hydra usable anywhere in the world through digital media. The original concept was to use GPS to track the users movements and allow the user to move through the physical world walking between the stories of the island. However, due to technical issues, the project was made to track the movement on the screen of the mobile device to give a virtual experience.

The user moves their finger along the screen to hear the different stories of the island of Hydra which are shown as stars in the sky. Constellations was chosen as the name because when viewing the village of Hydra from the top of a mountain at night, the buildings look like stars in the sky. Also, Hydra being a port city would have required ancient travellers to use the stars to navigate their passage safely.

To see a longer video, click HERE

If you would like to experience it, click HERE to download the APK (should work on any Android system)

Constellations and the stories within were created by: Margarita Athanasiou, Mulugeta Bisrat, Jeremy Nir, Alanna Predko and myself, Corey Dean.