Film Night

Film Night was an interactive theatre/LARP experience. It was put on for 2 nights in December of 2014 with 2 shows each night. It was the final project for the Atelier III class and took the whole class’ participation to accomplish.

Film Night was a mock film showing of the classic film, The Living Machine (inspired by Metropolis). In this showing, film enthusiasts and the like come to watch this classic movie in a theatre that is down on its luck and trying to turn around. However, during the showing, strange events occur and the audience must react to the events as they happen!

Audience members were greeted at the ticket booth before being lead into the theatre space. Once they received their ticket, they also received their role for the night – a character to get them into the mood, however they could play them to their own whim and desires. Once inside the theatre space, they were their character and took part in the experience as if it was reality.

Audience reactions were positive and generally wanted to see and experience it multiple times.

Emma Burkeitt headed the project and, in my opinion, it turned out amazing! Kudos to you Emma!

Pre-show/Set up:

IMG_7095 IMG_7125 IMG_7131


IMG_7257 IMG_7250 IMG_7597 IMG_7314 IMG_7454 IMG_7473 IMG_7602 IMG_7496

Main Cast:


Alanna Predko as the Curator


Christopher Bolton as the Theatre Owner


Jeremy Nir as Detective Crown


Timothy Martin as Professor Buffington


Emma Burkeitt as Unit-2654