Sketchbook Tag

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Sketchbook Tag is an on-going art project.

The purpose of the project is to bring artists together and share what is important to those people. By playing a game of tag with a moving sketchbook, artists add an image in any medium they please to the book. The only stipulation is that the image must mean something personal to the artists.

It was created for two reasons: one, most artists don’t like showing their work to others so this way they can make something and pass it off; and two, to bring people who aren’t normally considered artists into the creative fold. The purpose of the project is not to have amazing artwork but rather personal artwork.

Once an artist finishes their work, they give it to another person of their choice. People can even create their own sketchbooks if they’d like by emailing the email below and receiving a number for recording. More information can be found at the Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook pages.


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